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Monday Class Only Registration

Policies and Procedures for Dancemaker Studio LLC 2023-2024

The 2023-24 dance season will begin September 5th, and will run through May 2024.  We will have a Spring Recital in May for the students to showcase their abilities.  The date for this recital will be announced as soon as possible.  


The costume/recital fee will be $80.00 per student, per class. If your dancer is participating in 2 classes per week, this fee will double.  For 3 or 4 classes per week, the fee will triple or quadruple.  Each class will perform at the spring recital.  This fee will be due by December 15.    


Because the studio is located in my home and space is limited,  I cannot allow parents or siblings to stay and watch regularly.  We will have one Parent Observation day during December so that you can come and see how your child is doing and see what we are working on.  I will send out more information on this Observation Day as it approaches.  Other than that, I ask that you plan to drop only your dancer off.  I find that children learn better, are less distracted, and feel more independent when they are able to attend class on their own.  


Please be on time picking up and dropping off your child. I will not be able to supervise children for more than a few minutes before their class begins, or after their class has ended.  Please do not drop off dancers more than 10 minutes before their class begins.


Consistent class attendance is expected.  Dancers are more confident and successful when they have minimal absences. Out of respect for the other dancers in the class,  please be sure your dancer is punctual and consistently at their scheduled class.  All students will be expected to attend at least 90% of their scheduled classes.  If  your dancer does have to miss a class, you will need to send a message with an explanation via email to


Hair and Dress Code:
Please help your student follow the dress code. Students who do not adhere to the dress code may be asked to leave. 


For Non-company ballet classes (including Ballet I and Ballet II) dancers should wear:
-Any color leotard, pink footed tights, pink ballet shoes (can be leather or canvas) with the strings trimmed and tucked in.  They may also wear a short skirt or tutu if they wish.

-Hair should be pulled up away from the face (a pony tail is fine, and a bun is even better!)

For All Company Ballet Classes dancers should wear:
-Black leotard, pink footed tights, pink canvas or leather ballet shoes.  
-Hair should be pulled back in a tight pony tail or bun, all hair away from the face.


For All Company Jazz classes including Advanced Jazz Technique dancers should wear:
-Tight fitting, stretchy clothing (for example-jazz pants, leggings, biker style shorts, tights, leotard or form fitting tee or tank top)
-TAN slip on jazz shoes. 
-Hair pulled back away from the face.

For Fouetté and Adagio Companies:
-Dancers will be required to wear Gaynor Minden brand pointe shoes You will get specific instructions from Mrs. Victoria on how and when to buy these as the summer progresses. We will also use pink ballet technique shoes for ballet (leather or canvas), and nude colored foot undeez for Contemporary Jazz.  Dancers in Adagio and Fouetté Companies will also need to adhere to all clothing and hair requirements the other company classes follow.  
-Hip Hop dancers should wear stretchy dance clothing and athletic shoes/ sneakers.


Good places to purchase dance supplies:

Onstage Dancewear

4168 S. 1785 W. West Valley, UT 84119


(This is the only store that carries Gaynor Minden pointe shoes in stock)

Dancewear Inc.

8922 S. 700 E. Sandy, UT 84070 


There are also several online sources for dancewear and supplies-which are great if you already know which size and brand to buy. If you mention that you are with Dancemaker Studio, Onstage Dancewear will give you a discount.


Select "Control - P" on your keyboard to print a copy of this agreement for your records prior to clicking on the submit button below

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